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Vinyl Break
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Our slabs aren't like the other slabs. Our slab is lighter, easily stackable, and virtually unbreakable. Our slab is a "light weight clamshell", and since it is lighter in weight, it won't shatter if you drop it.

The comic is sealed in a Mylar™ bag, and the top of the bag is secured to the bottom piece of the clamshell with acid-free tape. The bottom of the comic is not secured with tape, so that there is minimal stress on the comic.

The slab is then spot-heat sealed by hand in several key points, to provide security, but allowing you to easily open the slab if you want to remove the comic. If you open the slab, you can not reseal it. The grading label can not be removed without destroying the slab.

The dimensions of our slab are 8.25" wide by 13" long, just 1/4" slimmer than the other slabs. So, our slabs will fit in most Graded Comic Book Boxes for long term storage. You should store our slabs vertically, but they can be stored horizontally.

Here are some pictures of our slab. You may click on each image for a larger picture, which will open in a new window.

Here is a picture of our slab:

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